TRS, TWP, And TDS – A Traitorous Trio!

This article is the unveiling of well established fact regarding the duplicitous and subversive infiltration of the pro-white movement by a Jewish agent and a group of sexual deviants.

First, let me expound on the subversive tactics that the Jew has historically employed in its quest of shekels and power. Their first move when infiltrating white nationalist organizations or movements is to distance themselves from their Jewish roots through the changing of surnames and the suppression of their Jewish identity. Second, they position themselves within groups by pretending to assume the moral high ground. This is especially true with their exploitation of charities. Oftentimes, Jewish control of charities is a certainty, and they make it seem they are doing it out of kindness when in fact it is to line their pockets with shekels. In the white nationalist movement they assume a morphous form and manipulate their appearance to reflect our value systems. 

However, red flags do pop up, and those with good discernment are alerted and take notice; as in the current circumstance. If they go undetected, they set up a system to profit from their deception or proceed to infect others with their poisonous ideas. It is important to note here that their continued success is dependent upon supporters within, and these supporters are typically characterized by their compromisable integrity, degeneracy, and a very fractured moral constitution. This brings us to the Jew in question, Mike Enoch.

It is a well known fact Mike Enoch, founder of TRS, was in a relationship with a Jewish woman. What is less known about Mike Enoch is that he is a Jew himself. This little known fact came to surface years ago, but was subsequently swept under the rug when Enoch was advised to fabricate DNA results and vehemently denounce the allegations. This advice came from close associate that were trying to reinvigorate his drive for power in the movement.  They advised him to basically call everyone a liar, deny allegations, and release fabricated DNA test results. However, all of this, including Enoch’s public admission regarding his ancestry, are well preserved and documented. Mike Enoch is – without a doubt – JEWISH!

Mike Enoch’s public admission regarding his ancestry:

The red flags arose when TRS allowed for the introduction of glaringly non-white ideologies into its forum. I’m referring to Sacco Vandal and his concept of white sharia; which encourages the rape of white women.(see link below) Also, William Fears, a complete degenerate and sociopathic cryptorapist, is tied in with TRS as well. He has been very vocal about his desire to implement White Sharia in order to rape our women in a deluded effort to bring them to heel. Fears has a history of abusing women. He kidnapped his girlfriend and beat her while in a jealous rage after she had left him. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison for that offense. These are TRS’ finest!

All of these occurrences signaled to us that something was deeply wrong with TRS and its affiliates. We all know that Jews are notorious for pushing decadence, so it made perfect sense once we connected the dots between this type of deviant philosophy being condoned and TRS being headed by a Jew. Of course the cucks in this movement will agree that the Jew is a malignancy, yet will be quick to turn a blind eye to a Jew that has assumed a leadership role within this movement. This is the epitome of cucking manifested in a single act of selective vision. This is the convoluted mentality that has beleaguered our people for too long; This is the cancer that needs to be surgically removed.

TRS is only one of three organizations actively engaged in destroying the moral fabric of the pro-white movement. The second organization is TWP, a political party headed by Matthew Heimbach, a close associate of Enoch’s. Matthew Heimbach has taken the progressive view that we must accept and support non-whites. He is also documented marching beside Jews, embracing blacks, and stating that miscegenation is not a sin.

From 2011- 2012 Heimbach had a tryst with his Jewess crush, Ashley Rae Goldenberg. As if this isn’t bad enough, he did it while in a relationship with a white woman. This is a guy that is supposed to be fighting Zionism, yet he is pursuing a Jew. He’s at integrity level zero! Ashley Rae Goldenberg made the following statement regarding the affair: “We met because he was holding a huge Israeli flag on a sign that had a bunch of Tea Party slogans on it, about joining Youth for Western Civilization on my campus. While the group never formed, we hung out a few times. There wasn’t really anything more than hand holding sometimes. He had a girlfriend, I really didn’t like the idea of a relationship. Every now and then he’d ask me, “What are we?” and if I would be able to live off his 30K a year salary. Yeah, it baffled me how someone who could post about wanting to kick Jews out would tell me he’s still interested in me, a Jew. I’m as confused as you are, still. I don’t know how someone could be so two-faced.” 

The pair can be seen together in the following photos:

Here is a photo of Heimbach and Uncle Tom (Don’t know his name):

Heimbach captioned saying that miscegenation is not a sin in a conversation with pastor Robb:

Hopefully you are beginning to see a very repulsive trend here. Heimbach and Enoch have a pretty swampy common ground with the Judeophilia and outright immorality. Essentially, Heimbach is setting a trend for his followers that this is acceptable and normal behavior. He is normalizing very anti-white practices. Ironically, he considers himself a ‘Radical’ white nationalist, but mirrors the practices of the leftists he is supposed to be opposing. Multiculturalism, miscegenation, etc. These acts alone prove Heimbach unfit for leadership. He has a weak moral constitution with regards to this movement and our core beliefs. He comprises on just about every foundational value we stand for, and he is aligned with TRS and its Jewish leadership. It is organizations like TWP with leaders such as Heimbach that provide a gateway for diminutive ideals and Jewish infiltration to strangle our movement of its truest purpose and vitality. 

The final treacherous element in this triumvirate is TDS (The Daily Stormer) which is headed by Andrew Anglin. Anglin is another one of the sick cryptorapists heralding white sharia and the rape of white women. He has published articles on his website praising the idea, and championing the meme and its philosophy. Anglin has had relationships outside of his race, and has even been recorded on video bragging about his Philippino girlfriend. He stays outside of the United States jurisdiction in areas where underage prostitution is a serious issue, and was taped speaking rather suggestively about a prepubescent black girl. Once again all of this is well documented. Anglin has indulged in miscegenation, and possibly even sicker sexually deviant acts. Being a sexual deviant may be why he was so susceptible to the rapist concept known as White Sharia. Anglin has lent support to TRS and has ties with Matt Parrot, Matthew Heimbach’s right hand man. It seems they had enough in common to be roommates at some point, so those ties still remain, and together they are disseminating their outrageous and reprehensible beliefs to many hungry and impressionable minds; thus, corrupting the disciples of the pro-white movement and setting us up for failure as a whole.

Anglin’s Asiatic playthings and his hate for white women:

When we are faced with a tumor of this magnitude, it is important that we all share the information and expose the culprit while simultaneously shedding light on their misdeeds. We must discourage our people from supporting the likes of such people, and grant them no space for individuals and organizations  within this movement, as their influence will obstruct our endeavors. They will corrupt our youth with destructive beliefs, and lead us along a path of demise. Rape, sexual deviance, miscegenation, and Jewish influence must never be accepted. Those of a more honorable and noble stature must never sit silently aside and allow such things to take root. It is our obligation to our women, our children, and our ancestors to quell any such ideas as soon as they present themselves. We are white men and women. We are Aryan. We are noble. Together these three organizations and the aforementioned individuals pose a substantial risk to our progress as well as our core values. Therefore, together we must stop them in their tracks. Any enemy within the gates is far worse than a thousand without. 

Mike Enoch and TRS:


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